:Naturalistic Microblading:

Kristen Franklin


about me

ARTIST: Kristen Franklin

I'm a mother of two sweet boys, happy wife to a software engineer, and established Microblader! I have been working in the Cosmetology industry 2008 and have been microblading my own brows since 2006! 

In the fall of  2016, I decided to take my personal experience into a professional realm. After much self-experimentation, sketching, studying, licensing, certifications, and many generous models, I’ve mastered the art of naturalistic microblading that suits the needs of each person I have the honor of working with!
In teaching myself the different methods of cosmetic tattooing, patience has been the central focus of my work, providing carefully crafted brows to suit every clients needs. This procedure requires so much mindfulness and careful sensitivity to the subtle nuances of facial shape, expression, and lifestyle. From my own personal experience, I’ve developed an intimate knowledge of how the brows influence and shape the face. I take much pride in helping each individual more effectively express their inner beauty.

I look forward to meeting you!


My family and I have decided to relocate back to our hometown in Atlanta, Georgia to be closer to our families. Please continue to visit my site for updates!



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