What is Microblading?

Microblading is a simpler term for cosmetic tattooing by using a disposable wand-like tool with a steel blade to create hair like strokes in the upper layers of the skin. I exclusively use PermaBlends + Tina Davies pigments, both vegan formulas, yay! As your microblading heals (4-6 weeks), your tattoo will settle into the skin giving you soft, hair-like strokes resembling real brows! Color, shape, and density are customized at every appointment. Each client requires a 6-8 week touch-up to ensure client goals. With thoughtful care, your microbladed brows can last several years! Annual touch-up's are common and highly recommended for optimal results.

Does it hurt?

The number one reason I need clients to be on time is for YOUR numbing time. The later you are, the less time we will have to numb you up-not fun. After discussing our plans for your new brows, I apply a numbing cream for a minimum of 25 minutes. You'll usually feel it tingling and doing it's thing within five minutes. Numbing cannot be rushed and has a specific "lifetime" depending on the formula being used.  After cleaning, measuring, and pre-drawing an outline, we begin. This is called "the first pass".  After this, I apply a gel formula that contains an EPI element. This freezes the skin, giving me a nice firm area to work, it is also magical and you'll be oh-so numb! The majority of the microblading work is done then. I do apply more gel as we go, depending on each client's comfort. You're always welcome to ask for more as well! *Redheads and lighter skinned individuals usually have a lower tolerance for pain. You may also metabolize your brows faster.


You must be 18 years or older. You must be a new client or have your previous artists' work faded by AT LEAST 70% (photos are also required). You may still not qualify for brows despite having old tattoo work faded and the judgement will be mine. If you plan on getting pregnant please note that I do not hold appointments for 9+ months and do not work on those who are currently pregnant/breastfeeding infants under a year. I cannot perform services on those who are taking most cancer medications, those who currently have cancer, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis A+B, Psoriasis, active eczema on the face, open facial wounds, or Rosacea. If you have extremely sensitive, very oily skin, are anemic, are prone to keloids, have extremely loose, thin, or very damaged skin, currently suffering from Shingles-- this procedure will likely not work for you. If you are a heavy tobacco smoker, frequent tanner, beach goer( even. with. a. hat. ), .. your brows will fade much more quickly than those who do not. If you actively take blood thinners, the effects of those medications will cause you to bleed more, which results in very poor pigment absorption and dilutes the color. Often times, they speed up the rate of pigment metabolism, fading the brows and exposing the tones(red, green, blue, gray etc, not cute!). Facial fillers, Botox, other similar injectables, ANY and all Retin-A , Retinol/Retinoid, and AHA products applied above the eyes and nose may affect your brow work and cause pre-mature fading. I suggest to all clients that they wait at least 2 weeks post any touch up to have any  Filler or Botox injectables performed. These skin care regimes are fine to have done, just know your brows made fade much faster.


*As always, actual results vary person to person.


  • ALL healed results will vary with each individual client and using make-up may still be necessary.  I have no control over what occurs during your healing process. Additional sessions may be required to obtain optimal results. 

  • Although I give my very best efforts to provide you with high quality work, many genetic & lifestyle factors may still result in poor retention and premature fading.

  • A deposit is always required in order to book and confirm every appointment. This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about booking your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of your session.​

  • Failure to follow MY aftercare instructions may result in poor healing. It doesn't matter what 'your friend did' and how her brows healed. You're paying me for my services and I'm always trying to look out for my lovely clients so please, please, please try to follow the instructions!

  • Please contact me immediately if you're going to be late! I can't stress this enough. I cannot push my next client's appointment for your tardiness, no matter the reason. Being more than 15 minutes late to your appointment will result in the forfeit of your deposit and the cancellation of your appointment. A new deposit will be required to re-book any appointment and will be your responsibility. 

  • I do not manually book appointments and I unfortunately cannot always cater to your schedules. The dates posted on my calendar are always current. Certain exceptions can certainly be made on a case by case basis.

  • Pricing is subject to change at any time. Please note that my rates may increase or vary in the case of travelling, events, or in special circumstances. Travelling does not guarantee you an additional appointment in your hometown. Unless otherwise stated, you will need to arrange to come to my home studio for any additional appointments.

  • Additional appointments will be charged according to my *current pricelist*. Your 6-8 week touch-up may be scheduled no sooner than 6 weeks following your first session, and no later than 10 weeks to avoid additional charges. Clients who attempt to book Session 2. touch-ups past the 10  week grace period will be manually moved by me and subject to current Session 3. pricing. You must give your skin ample time to fully heal and regenerate before receiving more brow work. Annual Refreshers are typically required every 1-2 years for optimal results. 

  • Refreshers are meant to be annual, not 4+ sessions within a year. If you fade faster than others, microbladed strokes may not be right for your skin type and you could consider a powder style(a more bold and solid look but just as pretty!).


The healing process generally lasts 1-2 weeks, depending on skin type. During this phase, you may experience itchy skin, dryness, and mild scabbing. Scabbing comes in many shapes and sizes but is generally easy to care for. IT IS NORMAL.  Final results happen around 5+ weeks when the tattoo has fully healed. This is NOT like healing a traditional tattoo, despite what "your friend said". Please follow the Aftercare instructions below and you'll be on your way to fresh new brows! Patience is key.


  • Blot brows with a clean paper towel or cotton round for the first 24 hours. Frequently dabbing the brow area will help keep the site clean and reduce scabbing. 

  • Very gently with a Q-Tip, apply the Aftercare Cream over the brows for the first 5-7 days. A 'rice grain' sized amount is just all you need, as you do not need to saturate the brow. The skin needs to be able to breathe, not suffocate. The cream will moisturize the area and help minimize dry, itchy skin. If you still have dry skin during the healing process, know that it is normal!

  • Keep your brows clean, dry, out of sun, and moisture for 10-14 days.

  • No swimming, saunas, sun-bathing, or tanning beds! Doesn't matter if you wear a hat- your skin will sweat, causing bacteria growth and your skin will most likely reject the pigment. Remember this when booking during the warm months! 

  • Do your best to wear a hat or visor when exposed to UV rays even after healing to prolong your tattoo investment. This is your hard-earned money after all!

  • Do not apply makeup or anything topical on your brows or the brow area for the first 14 days. Even if they seem dry and healed. Your existing hairs can often times hide what is still healing below.

  • No alcohol, medications, oils, lotions, serums, drinks, etc that are blood-thinning for the first 48 hours. It may cause your skin may reject the tattoo altogether. 

  • FOR OILY SKIN: Unfortunately for you ladies(and 'a few good men'), you will have some extra steps during the healing phase. I have oily T-zones and these Aftercare instructions are exactly what I did(my brows are 90% tattooed).

  • You will need to blot and blot often for at least a week. This means anytime you get sweaty, oily, or moisture touches your brows-BLOT! When I showered, I threw a hand towel over the curtain and blotted my forehead, even after you're done, blot afterwards. A hair dryer on low or cool will do the trick also! Paper towels or cotton rounds are your friend-a dry, clean washcloth may also be used. Avoid tissues, they stick to your skin and can pull on unhealed areas. I highly recommend dabbing witch hazel over a cotton round to both soak up the excess oil but also it helps to tone and soothe the skin. 


Other than that, you're going to just let your trusty immune system take control and heal itself! Scabbing and flaking can be bothersome but it's a VERY crucial part of healing. If you need any further information, please feel free to email! 


++There are no written or implied guarantees that your skin will accept any pigment deposited. Results vary from person to person. Failure to follow the above instructions given to you by KF Brows may result in poor retention, pre-mature fading, and/or infection and is at no fault to the artist. Absolutely no refunds, no exceptions. 

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